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April 22nd 2024: Announcing Author Explorer. Explore influential social handles in backlink context.
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Would you like to try a different way to find the right influencers?

Are you looking for more meaningful KPIs than follower counts?

With Majestic Monitor, you can skip past vanity metrics, and find influencers who attract real website links from outside of the social bubble.

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Find profiles with web influence

Press articles often include links to quote-worthy sources, local journalists will add a link to their bio in their copy, and official websites carry links to their social profiles.

We check all of those for you.

Monitor finds accounts that have real influence outside of social media and highlights which of their updates are most referenced on the web.

Search over 16 million potential influencers

85% of social media users think that they do not follow influencers*.

But, every account is a potential influencer, and with Monitor you can find influential profiles that have been linked to on the Internet.

Monitor focuses on the most notable influencers by searching over billions of webpages, so you can be sure we have left no stone unturned.

* PR Week, Jan-Feb 2020
Example of Majestic Monitor in action

Bringing Trust Flow to Social

For over ten years, the SEO industry has used the Majestic Trust Flow score to identify quality websites and links.

Trust Flow checks to see how far a link to a web page is from a set of human-curated seed sites.

We can use Trust Flow to give you a rating out of 100 for every social profile. The higher the number, the closer it is to being a bona-fide profile that is linked to across the internet.

Find Similar Profiles

Find lookalike profiles based on linking websites

Reduce the time needed to find new influencers.

Give Monitor a social profile, and we'll show you the other profiles that are linked to by the same type of website.

Keyword Searches

Search for profiles relating to keywords

We collect all of the words that websites use to link to social profiles.

You can search through those to narrow in on the type of profile you're looking for.

Find Top Status Updates

The top statuses for a profile that have websites linking to them

We count how many times we see web links to individual status updates.

You can check the top most-linked-to updates for any profile, bringing peace of mind that your influencers have real influence.

Discover Top Links

The top websites that link to a profile

Make sure that your influencers are being linked to outside social.

Check their top web links in Monitor, or click through to Majestic for a more comprehensive look.

Generate Word Lists

The top words related to each profile

For each profile, you can discover which phrases and search terms are most closely associated with each influencer.

Find phrases that will help to refine your influencer search.

Amplify your Contact List

Example of audience amplification

Monitor can help you to expand groups of related profiles.

Enter a collection of up to ten profiles, and we amplify that to a downloadable list of influencers with a similar web footprint.

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