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Majestic are great at mapping the web. To showcase our Web Mapping Technology, we are exploring the impact of Social Media on the wider web.

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Majestic Monitor: The New Home of Social Explorer™

Social Explorer™ lets you see how the top 1 million Twitter accounts are broken down by their Topical Trust Flow, and from today, it has a new home here at Majestic Monitor.


The History of Majestic Monitor

Majestic has a rich history of engaging with students via work placements, summer internships and hackathons, to give the next generation of developers an experience of working in this specialised industry.

Majestic first started to investigate a web based view of measuring Social Impact with “Social Explorer™” – a project worked on by summer interns, delivered in 2015 and enhanced in 2016 to present an exploratory visualisation of prominent Influencers on the Twitter platform. We have decided it is time to bring this view up to date with the Majestic Monitor project!

Our first findings looked at legacy Twitter handles, and their broken links by some of the largest web savvy organisations, and what effect it is now still having!

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