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Authored Websites

These are websites where @taylorswift13 has been marked as either a page creator or the site's associated handle.

Note: Some websites tag the subject of an article as a site author, rather than the page author.

Rank Website Author Attributions Page Author Attributions Site Author Attributions Top Authored Webpage
#1 storeau.taylorswift.com 2 0 2 Taylor Swift Official Store AU
#2 giphy.com 72 72 0 Netflix Smile GIF by Taylor Swift
#3 store.taylorswift.com 1 0 1 Taylor Swift Official Online Store – Taylor Swift Official Store
#4 taylorswiftshirt.store 378 0 378 Tom Hanks Nope Not Again Shirt - Taylor Swift Official
#5 taylorswiftmerchstore.shop 603 0 603 Taylor Swift Shirt Official Online Store & Taylor Swift Official Store
#6 thetorturedpoetsdepartment.info 38 0 38 The Tortured Poets Department Taylor Swift 2024 Store
#7 redtaylorsversion.taylorswift.com 2 0 2 Taylor Swift
#8 audiomack.com 15 15 0 Love Story by Taylor Swift: Listen on Audiomack
#9 songstats.com 1 1 0 Taylor Swift | Artist Analytics | Songstats
#10 taylorswift1989.store 347 0 347 Shop - Taylor Swift 1989
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Topical Trust Flow

The websites that link to @taylorswift13 tend to have these types of topic


  • 35 Arts and Entertainment, 88.34%
  • 26 Music, 5.32%
  • 25 Journalism, 2.89%
  • 23 People, 1.20%
  • 22 Radio, 0.82%
  • 21 Entertainment, 0.45%
  • 20 Music, 0.25%
  • 19 People, 0.21%
  • 19 Gay Lesbian and Bisexual, 0.14%
  • 17 Education, 0.06%
Please note, the above percentages may not add up to 100%

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