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Thursday 16th July 2020: At Monitor we love a good time saver, so we’ve put together a small bookmarklet to open a Twitter profile straight into our Profile Lookup tool.

The Majestic Monitor Bookmarklet in action

What is a bookmarklet?

A bookmarlet works the same as a bookmark – you click it and something happens, such as a web page opening.

But bookmarklets often contain a small snippet of Javascript code to perform a simple task, either on the page or taking you to a new one, which is the case with ours.

And the nice thing about bookmarklets is that only work when you click them.

Adding a bookmarklet

First you need to make sure your bookmark bar is displayed in your browser.

In Chrome you can either use the “Ctrl + Shift + B” shortcut (⌘ + Shift + b on Mac), or go to “three dot menu” at the top of the browser, and go to “Bookmarks > Show bookmarks bar”.
In Firefox, right-click on your mouse almost anywhere across the top bar and select “Bookmarks Toolbar”.

Adding bookmarklets are the same in Chrome and Firefox:

  • Right-click on the bookmark bar
  • Click Add Page / New Bookmark
  • Add a relevant name – we use ‘Open in Monitor’
  • Add the bookmarklet snippet below as the URL / Location
  • Click Save

javascript:function openHandleInMajesticMonitor() {if(!window.location.href.includes('')){alert('Sorry, the Majestic Monitor bookmark can only process pages on');}else{"")[1].split("/")[0].split("?")[0]),%27_blank%27); }}; openHandleInMajesticMonitor();

If in doubt, you should see something like this in Chrome:

Adding a bookmarklet in Chrome

Or you should see something like this in Firefox:

Adding a bookmarklet in Firefox

The Bookmarklet in action

If you followed the above steps, the next time you are browsing a Twitter profile, give the bookmarklet a click and you will see a new tab open up with that profile inside!

The Majestic Monitor Bookmarklet in action


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