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April 22nd 2024: Announcing Author Explorer. Explore influential social handles in backlink context.
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The New Home of Social Explorer™

Tuesday 13th August 2019: Today we are excited to give the Social Explorer project a new home, give it some much needed TLC, increase the dataset to the top 1 million Twitter profiles, and make it free to use.

You can now find Social Explorer here: https://majesticmonitor.com/free-tools/social-explorer

What is Social Explorer™?

A long time ago, on a webpage not so far away, Majestic.com released Social Explorer.

This was a project that brought together a group of talented students over the summer and showcased the skills that they had honed doing data visualisation projects over a number of weeks.

The final project was Social Explorer, which displayed data for the top 50K Twitter profiles, ranked by Majestic metrics, and then displayed into a lovely ‘sunburst’ style graph.

As you can see from the chart, each ‘segment’ is split up by an accounts primary Topic from its Topical Trust Flow, for example, the Topical Trust Flow of ‘Games / Video Games / Console Platforms’ can be seen as three tiers: the inner ring being ‘Games’, second is ‘Video Games’ and finally ‘Console Platforms’.

For each Topic, we are showing the top 10 Twitter accounts, as well as the Primary Topical Trust Flow.

What is Topical Trust Flow™?

Topical Trust Flow is how Majestic.com have managed to categorize the Internet for any given URL, including Twitter accounts, which is calculated by the Topical Trust Flow of the web pages that link to it.

We can break down an example of this quite easily by looking at how Mandy McEwen (@MandyModGirl) has achieved a Topical Trust Flow of ‘Business / Marketing and Advertising’.

@MandyModGirl Twitter Bio

This comes from having links to her Twitter account from prominent websites such as ducttapemarketing.com and warriorforum.com.

Websites linking to @MandyModGirl

Majestic Monitor: The New Home of Social Explorer™

If you want to play around with this awesome tool, you can now do so here: Social Explorer.

We are planning to update the data regularly, so keep checking to see how these top Twitter accounts change over time.


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