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Social Media Connections Recovered

Wednesday 24th July 2019: UK based Internet specialists, have found thousands of websites with broken links to their company social media profiles. Majestic have gone further and launched a new program to help reconnect those affected websites with their social media profile.

Magnifying Twitter Domains

Majestic routinely survey billions of webpages daily, creating a huge map of how the web links together. The data produced from this is popular amongst Digital Marketing and Digital PR specialists, particularly in the fields of Search Engine Optimisation and Domain name trading.

A team of data researchers at Majestic discovered a significant number of sites which had broken links to social profiles, and quickly realised that the Majestic web map could uncover many, many more.

A common example is websites accidentally linking their social media profiles to “” instead of “”.

While does link to – it does not keep any part of the URL. For instance, if you visited it will not redirect to, rather it would just redirect to

The exact cause may well be lost in history, as the largest sites have grown and gone through many changes over the past decade, so broken links are to be expected from even global brands.

Majestic is today releasing a selection of the data (see below) to help Media agencies and digital marketing departments highlight the importance of maintaining and auditing online content.

Handle Linking Page Number of Followers
@BBCSpringwatch 383k
@bellesandgals 6.5k
@amberrdtravel 4.6k
@scottfraseruk 2.8k
@roobix (now @roobixuk) 2.5k
@replicateroyals 1.5k
@emtrains 64.1k
@historicallions 33
@JaneCorryAuthor 3.7k
@miss_mcinerney 51.4k
@ofgem 29k
@RavensbyGlass 461
@whitbydragon 323
@CarorVan 1.4k
@RiversFitness 1.9k
@ThePDMag 7.5k
@YoungDentistMag 1.2k
@vivinationfit 684
@ADLIBRecruit 3.1k
@BoltonCAB 1.6k
@LovelysVintage 13.2k
@jo_knotandbloom 47
@lovetweetpotato 11.4k

This is our first release of data for Majestic Monitor. For future insights, please follow us on Twitter @MajesticMonitor!

The Process

On visiting, we were redirected to Similar behaviour is exhibited for other top level domains (TLD);, and many others.

Here is a selection of domains named ‘twitter’ that do not appear to redirect profiles to those on the main website:

Website Linking Websites Linking Webpages 1770 2081553 1299 65240 932 936463 743 394239

Further research suggests that the following domains will also exhibit the same behaviour:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

You can check if a site links to a “non-dotcom” version of a Twitter handle for free, by using the Majestic Browser extension.

Our extensions are available for Chrome and Firefox.

You can follow the easy instructions to get setup here:

Once you are set up, go to the webpage that you want to check and click on your extension.

Click on ‘On-page Links’ and then look through the ‘Copy/Paste’-able links to see if there are any Twitter links that are going to a “non-dotcom” handle.

Open the extension
Open up your extension
View the On-page links
View all the outgoing links on the page


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