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New Feature: Influencer Lists

Tuesday 6th October 2020: Earlier this year, we released the Influencer Discovery and Analysis side of Majestic Monitor. Then, we listened to customer demand to work out which features you wanted us to prioritize. Well, we listened hard, and today we are delighted to be able to release our new Influencer Lists feature!

Simply create a list, add the profiles you are interested in, and then do what you want with it, such as:

  • Compare the web stats of the influencers in a list
  • Export your list of influencers
  • Amplify influencers to find more

Influencer Lists

There are two ways to add an influencer to a list, from the Actions menu or the profile page.

Throughout the Majestic Monitor Tool, you can hover over a profile card (shown above) and click the icon that appears in the profile picture's top-right. Doing this will open up the actions menu:

The Save to List option in the actions popup

There are actions to view the profile, find similar profiles, see which Tweets have the most web links, the new Save to List option, and visit the profile on Twitter.

Save to an existing list, or create a new one

To add the profile to a list, click on the Save to List option, select or create a list, and then save.

Save to List button on the profile page

From the profile page, click on the Save to List button underneath the profile image, select or create an existing list, and then click Save.


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