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April 22nd 2024: Announcing Author Explorer. Explore influential social handles in backlink context.
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Searching through an influencer's handle or bio for their own self-defined labels is a common approach to finding relevant people for your brand.

While this can be a good method to use, at Majestic Monitor we flip this on it's head and look at how the Internet categorizes them instead.

Every web page that links to a Twitter handle will automatically have words or phrases associated with them.

This can be an influencer starring in a list of top accounts to follow, their thoughts and reactions being included in a round-up of an industry event, or their Tweet's being referenced in an embed within an article.

Our approach removes the bio bias that sometimes plagues influencer discovery and ensures that relevant and authentic results are returned every time.

Filter searches further, by the number of websites that link to influencers, or what Topics they are influential in.

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