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Get Influencers To Promote Your Products In 6 Steps

Monday 27th September: A way to get your business to jump ahead is through influencers.

They already have the audience and numbers for you to leverage, but how to approach and persuade influencers to partner up is the struggle.

So, I’ve put together a list of ways to win over influencers.

1. Find Influencers In Your Niche

Now, you don't want to waste time with influencers who are not related to your industry and it's tricky knowing where to start. Although, there is an option of finding relevant accounts by browsing through manually but then comes the problem — Is everything so real?

Lucky for you, you can save yourself from stress with Majestic Monitor. All you have to do is enter your brand or niche keyword and we’ll do all the rest.

In fact, I’ll show you how in less than 1 minute.

Using the Influencer Search you can enter a word related to your industry. The more specific, the better. In this example, I’ve put ‘Sustainable Fashion’.

Search results for 'sustainable fashion'

And now we have enthusiastic influencers relevant to the topic, to pick and choose from.

Or do you have a news or blog site that fits into your niche and want to find influencers from?

Using Author Explorer, enter that site into the search box, like here I’ve put cooking blog ‘Food52.com then click search’.

Author Explorer results for food52.com

And now we have a list of authors to advocate as influencers, from macro to micro-influencers.

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2. Create A Compelling Offer

For an influencer to promote your business, give them something to benefit from. You should make it a win-win situation with discounts or incentives like free trips to exciting events.

To make the Sonic movie seem like it wasn't just for kids, Paramount Pictures partnered up with Imagency who invited influential Gen Z and Lifestyle content creators to see an exclusive viewing. This way they could reach a diverse range of audiences and change people's mindsets about it not being only a kid-focused film.

They were able to achieve $100 Million in the first week with an engagement boost of 228%, a 112.5% increase in produced content pieces from the influencers and an overall increase of 152% impressions.

3. Personalise Your Message

Influencers get tons of messages/emails from brands, so how do you stand out? Talk about your unique value proposition and how they’ll benefit from it. It may also be helpful to do some research into their work and values then use those points to create a common ground, to form an instant bond. An example would be:

Hey Katy,

I’m Jennifer from GrungeDays, a teen clothing brand. We’ve been loving your stylish outfits and positive energy and would love to have someone like you represent our brand. We believe your personality and aesthetic is a great match too!

Would you be interested in becoming our affiliate partner?

We’re willing to gift 3 exclusive pieces, of your choice to then wear and share on your socials.

Let me know what you think!

Many thanks,


You’re also tugging onto their emotions, where you’re showing genuine interest, making them feel appreciated - boosting their passion for promoting your products.

“Everyone likes a compliment,” - Abraham Lincoln

It’s true, so throw some in, however, it’s important it doesn't sound forced or insincere.

Overall your message should be kept short and sweet, people are busy, so you want to make sure they don't skip out on important information because of having too many other things going on in their inboxes.

4. Send A Free Product

You can always exchange a free product for an unboxing or product review, the main advantage is you don’t have to pay them. The challenge here will be it's difficult to control what they say— sometimes positive, other times surprisingly negative. To play safe I recommend approaching influencers who are already fans of your products as this allows more room for brand promotion without compromising on authenticity!

Many influencers are self-taught experts on taking professional photos, which is why it'd be great to have them create content pieces for your product instead of wasting money on expensive shoots.

We see this often done between tech companies and gadget reviewers. Tech brands are well aware their audience will look to reviews before splurging big amounts of cash. The influencers usually get sent the latest models from famous brands like Apple and Samsung.

Microsoft wanted to raise awareness and get a lower cost per click (CPC) for their Surface Pro X and Surface 7 models in Singapore. So, they geared up with Vamp, an influencer agency to target tech-savvy individuals who work on the go. They gathered 6 influencers to produce content displaying them using the devices in their daily lives - meetings, lunch or in a library.

Influencer Awareness

The results were spectacular with 1.1M impressions, 5,773 link clicks and $0.96 CPC.

Don’t forget to notify influencers when their content is finally released so they can repost it on their socials to generate maximum awareness of your brand.

5. Measure Campaign Performance

To see what’s working or not you need to keep track of your campaign’s progress, you could do this by analysing key performance indicators (KPI’s) like shares and comments to assess engagement.

Tools like Google Analytics can help you measure the incoming traffic coming from influencer links and the rate of conversions as well. These can help you decipher which influencers generate the most results for future re-collabs.

6. Maintain Long-term Relationships

It’s always good to keep the door of opportunities open in case you ever need them again. So keep in contact, this doesn't mean to pester them but rather send a message or comment when there’s special events going on in the influencers life such as graduation, birthdays or marriage.

This way you’ll always maintain the connection in the long term so if you ever need them in the future they’ll hopefully respond to your call.

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